French Press How-To | Christies Bakery

French Press How-To

We love french press coffee: it's simple, low-waste, and keeps lots of the coffee bean oils in the brew.

French press is a great starting point for coffee drinkers looking to take their home brewing to the next level! You can play around with the amount of water and coffee beans used to find a flavour that works for you! See the How-To below. 

Trent's Coconut Ginger Soup | Christies Bakery

Trent's Coconut Ginger Soup

Soup season is upon us, and we've got an exclusive soup recipe from Scratch Provisions owner Trent Loewen. If you weren't aware, Trent is a Red Seal chef that trained (and taught) at Stratford Chefs School.

It is a super quick and easy soup you can easily make at home. But dont let the simplicity fool you, it's very tasty. Prep is quick and there’s room to add your own twist to it!