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A Spring Time Reflection

A Spring Time Reflection - Christies Bakery

Since I’ve moved away from Saskatoon, it has been a year of firsts. And with Easter having come and gone, this was the first year I didn’t help prepare the baking for Easter weekend. While I don’t necessarily miss shaping and bagging hundreds and hundreds of buns, there was a part of me missing being with my family doing the one thing we do best. As a way of (emotionally) making up for my absence in the bakery, I wanted to take a moment to praise Blair and Tracey for all the amazing work they do. I know they don’t often brag about what they do, so I’ll gladly do it for them!

 I’ll start with all the hard work they do. Like most jobs, there is so much that goes unseen. When there’s an oven malfunction, Blair is there to fix it up. When a baker can’t make it in, Tracey is there to fill in. No matter what obstacle comes up, they are there to make sure the operation continues to run smoothly. Take Easter weekend for example. To give the team the friday holiday off, Blair and Tracey head in to spend all day preparing all the Easter baking for Saturday. Easter is one of our busiest times of the year, so you can imagine all the baking that needs to be done. Of course there is help from one or two bakers willing to help, like Trent from Scratch Provisions, but this is a small example of their dedication to making delicious baking and commitment to helping the Christies team. 

I know it’s cliche when a company says they treat their team like a family, but I think anyone that’s worked with Blair and Tracey can back me up when I say they truly make an effort to exemplify that. And I’m not just saying that because they’re my aunt and uncle. They try to accommodate every need of the Christies team and treat everyone with a genuine warmth and kindness. The result is a collection of amazing and talented people that, to repeat the cliche, feel like a family. I have forged countless friendships during my time at the bakery, and I think I owe that to the warm and friendly environment that Blair and Tracey have created. 

I could go into more detail about everything that my aunt and uncle do, but the list would never end. So I will just end with a thank you. 

Thank you Uncle Blair and Auntie Tracey for everything you do. Thank you for the opportunity to work alongside you and learn from you. Thank you for helping me figure out who I am as a person and what I want to do with my life.

And of course, thank you for amazing bread.


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Thank you Gabe. This article has me tearing up. There was something missing at Easter this year and it was you! We appreciate you and we miss you!


Gabe, thanks for sharing. Often the distance helps a person realize the positive things in their life and focus on the good. Everyone who is lucky enough to be in Saskatoon should go to Christie’s and meet Tracey and Blair in person!


Great article Gabe! I’ve always appreciated the atmosphere (as well as the smell and taste!) walking into Christies. Glad you highlighted the dedication and care your aunt and uncle have for all the people who work at Christies. Their hard work and commitment to their staff extends to those that appreciate Christies as their neighbourhood bakery. Cheers to you all!

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