One Day in Saskatoon | Christies Bakery

One Day in Saskatoon

4 days ago
Tracey wrote an article for Eat North, documenting the local Saskatoon spots she goes to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check it out!
My Mother, the Entrepreneur | Christies Bakery

My Mother, the Entrepreneur

11 days ago
My mother has so many wonderful characteristics, but today I would like to recognize her as an excellent entrepreneur.
A Letter From Dorothy Hyshka! | Christies Bakery

A Letter From Dorothy Hyshka!

We received another hand written letter and we wanted to share the kind words with you. We are so lucky and grateful to have such great customers that continue to support us. After 90 years we’ve seen so many faces, so if you have a story you’d like to share please email us at!
A Spring Time Reflection | Christies Bakery

A Spring Time Reflection

Since I’ve moved away from Saskatoon, it has been a year of firsts. And with Easter having come and gone, this was the first year I didn’t help prepare the baking for Easter weekend. While I don’t necessarily miss shaping and bagging hundreds and hundreds of buns, there was a part of me missing being with my family doing the one thing we do best. As a way of (emotionally) making up for my absence in the bakery, I wanted to take a moment to praise Blair and Tracey for all the amazing work they do. I know they don’t often brag about what they do, so I’ll gladly do it for them!
Catch Tracey on Wall of Bakers, Mondays at 10 PM ET | Christies Bakery

Catch Tracey on Wall of Bakers, Mondays at 10 PM ET

We're happy to say we have a celebrity for a boss! Tracey is on the premiere season of Wall of B...
Easter Goodies! | Christies Bakery

Easter Goodies!

Easter is in one week, so time is running out to grab some Easter baking before they disappear! O...
Wall of Bakers Premieres Tomorrow Night! | Christies Bakery

Wall of Bakers Premieres Tomorrow Night!

The wait is (almost) finally over! The season premiere of Wall of Bakers is tomorrow, March 28th, at 10 PM ET. We can't wait to watch Tracey showcase her baking expertise alongside some of Canada's best bakers. 
A Memory From Donna Sewell | Christies Bakery

A Memory From Donna Sewell

As you know, we're turning 90 this year. As part of our celebration, we're sharing memories of the bakery from family, friends, staff and our wonderful customers. 

Donna Sewell sent us a lovely handwritten letter (yes, people still send letters!) that we wanted to share with you!

If you have a story you'd like to share, please send us an email at - we'd love to hear it!

Christies Through the Years | Christies Bakery

Christies Through the Years

As you know, we're turning 90 this year. As part of our celebration, we're sharing memories of the bakery from family, friends, staff and our wonderful customers. If you have a story you'd like to share, please send us an email at We'd love to hear it! 

Our bakery on 33rd Street, what we call The Mothership, has seen a lot over 90 years: hundreds of staff, millions of baked goods, and countless happy customers. For those who haven't been around since the beginning, myself included, here's a look at how Christies has changed over the years!

The Perfect PB&J | Christies Bakery

The Perfect PB&J

I know the weather in Saskatoon has been chilly to say the least, and while it's been relatively warm in Vancouver the stress of school has me thinking about my favourite comfort foods. On that list is the always simple and always yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In the past I’ve shuffled between how I’ve made my PB&J's; using crunchy or smooth peanut butter, strawberry or raspberry jam, white or whole wheat toast (yes, I put a lot of thought into a 3 ingredient sandwich). I decided to see how everyone else makes their PB&J, so I made an online poll to determine just that. I asked about the style of peanut butter, jam and type of bread. Below are the results, and how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich (according to the internet).
Naomi's Ode to Christies | Christies Bakery

Naomi's Ode to Christies

Naomi worked for us over 10 years ago and came back to work a couple of years back. She's going to have a baby soon, but she couldn't leave without saying a couple words!

Tracey is on The Food Network's Wall of Bakers! | Christies Bakery

Tracey is on The Food Network's Wall of Bakers!

We have some exciting news!

If you haven’t heard, Tracey is going to be a judge on the new Food Network show Wall of Bakers

Valentines Day Treats! | Christies Bakery

Valentines Day Treats!

Valentine's Day is a few days off, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to get your Valentine's gifts for the special someone in your life. If you’re thinking of getting something sweet, we have a special line of products just for the special day of love. If you want to treat yourself too, that’s just as sweet!

Late Nights (or Early Mornings?) with Ennio | Christies Bakery

Late Nights (or Early Mornings?) with Ennio

As you know, we're turning 90 this year. As part of our celebration, we're sharing memories of the bakery from family, friends, staff and our wonderful customers. If you have a story you'd like to share, please send us an email at We'd love to hear it! 
My Christies Memory | Christies Bakery

My Christies Memory

As you know, we're turning 90 this year. As part of our celebration, we're sharing memories of the bakery from family, friends, staff and our wonderful customers. If you have a story you'd like to share, please send us an email at We'd love to hear it! 

This week Jen, one of our amazing team members (you may have seen her on Broadway), shared a family memory we wanted to pass on to you.

Sweet Goodness 2021 Campaign Recap | Christies Bakery

Sweet Goodness 2021 Campaign Recap

As you know, we started our Sweet Goodness program last year, partnering with local organizations in Saskatoon to increase our impact in the city. We are so happy with the small start we were able to get off to. This was all possible because of your generosity, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

New Years Resolutions | Christies Bakery

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying the holidays. 2022 kicked off yesterday, and in the theme of a new year, I thought I’d participate in the annual tradition of making (and hopefully keeping) new year's resolutions. With that in mind, here are some of our resolutions for the new year.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts | Christies Bakery

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Want some holiday baking but don’t have the time? Need a stocking stuffer or two? Last minute gift exchange? We got you covered! With Christmas only a few days away we have some ideas of how we can help with your holiday celebrations.
My Family's Secret Fruitcake Recipe | Christies Bakery

My Family's Secret Fruitcake Recipe

For most people, the traditions around the holidays involve having family together for dinners and gatherings. For me and my family, our traditions include working long hours together making special seasonal products for our lovely customers and our own family. 

What Makes Our Panettone Special | Christies Bakery

What Makes Our Panettone Special

Making Panettone is a loving and personal process. In the beginning of November, I brought to life my very special “Italian sourdough” which is cultured specifically for Panettone. I named her “Angelina” after my Italian Godmother. She will be on a consistent and frequent feeding schedule throughout the holiday season, gotta keep her healthy!

Christies Christmas Catalogue | Christies Bakery

Christies Christmas Catalogue

For those of you that don’t know, I moved to Vancouver over the summer.

While I am enjoying the fact that I don’t have to worry about the snow that is currently falling in Saskatoon, there are a few things that I am missing. One of those has to be all the Christmas goodies we have coming out. So here’s all the goodies we have available for the Christmas season, which you can order now! And if anyone wanted to priority ship any of these to me I wouldn’t be upset!

Hot Cocoa Recipes | Christies Bakery

Hot Cocoa Recipes

Snow has returned to Saskatoon and covered the streets in fluffy white powder. Now that I’m in Vancouver, I can’t say I’m going to miss spending five minutes bundling up to go outside. I don’t mean to brag, the constant rain isn’t the cheeriest of weather conditions either. In conjunction with the weather change, I thought I’d share a few different ways to make a cup of hot cocoa to keep warm in the snow.
My Favourite Comfort Food | Christies Bakery

My Favourite Comfort Food

When the weather gets coldand in Saskatoon even colder, everything seems to get a little worse. Walking the dog isn’t as fun as it is in the summer, getting groceries seems like more of a task than normal, and the only thing that makes sense is staying inside. I turn to my comfort foods to warm me up and lift my spirits. They’re nice and hot and I usually have some memory associated with them that each bite brings me back to. Here are some of my favourite comfort foods to eat on a cold, rainy, or snowy day. 
Halloween 2021 at Christies! | Christies Bakery

Halloween 2021 at Christies!

We had a little costume contest this week and thought we’d let you see what everyone dressed up a...
The Spookiest Halloween Movies | Christies Bakery

The Spookiest Halloween Movies

Halloween is in one week, which means there is still time to decorate your house with cobwebs, tombstones and skeletons. Much like Christmas, Halloween season brings a selection of movies that don’t have quite the same impact if they’re viewed at a different time of the year.

Last week I shared a list of spooky treats to make in honour of the scariest season of the year. This week I’m giving you a list of Halloween movies to watch while you’re enjoying those treats, or to flip on in the background while you’re doing some baking! Side note: I will be refraining from horror movies as much as possible because these should be shows the whole family can watch. That, and the fact that I am scared by the smallest of jump scares.

Halloween Treats for Spooky Season! | Christies Bakery

Halloween Treats for Spooky Season!

One of the best parts of Halloween is all the candy and chocolate that comes around every October. I’ve already stockpiled my pantry with mini bags of M&M’s and Reeses that I will not be handing out on October 31st (I live in an apartment building so I won’t be getting any trick or treaters). But as much as sweet as candy can be, I’d say we can do better. Here are some ideas for Halloween inspired treats you can make at home for your next scary movie viewing or for celebrating the spooky night of fright!

What to Do With Your Halloween Pumpkins | Christies Bakery

What to Do With Your Halloween Pumpkins

We’re a week into October and in the heart of pumpkin season. That means the sidewalks are decorated with leaves, scarves are wrapped around our necks and, unfortunately, pumpkin spice lattes. With that in mind I thought I’d list some ways to make the most out of fall’s big, orange fruit. And yes, I did have to use google to confirm that pumpkins are fruits.

Meal for Two Ready in 15 Minutes! | Christies Bakery

Meal for Two Ready in 15 Minutes!

If you’re anything like me, making dinner is usually the last thing that crosses my mind during the day. I’ve made a conscious effort this year to stop ordering takeaway and delivery as much as I can to focus on improving my cooking skills, but sometimes I just don’t feel like spending time cooking and cleaning up. That’s where our Heat & Eat Collection comes in! Using Scratch Provision’s Honey-Lime Chicken Legs, here’s a meal for two that you can make in 15 minutes with limited cleanup!

A Meal for One (Or More) in 5 Minutes! | Christies Bakery

A Meal for One (Or More) in 5 Minutes!

It’s probably safe to say that we all never seem to have enough time in the day. I’m merely working a job and going to school, some of us are doing that plus a second job. Then there’s all the parents having to do everything AND raise a family. I often find myself getting ready to eat dinner later and later, and by 10:00 I don’t really have enough energy to make a nice meal, nor do I have the time. Luckily for me, all students, and busy parents our Heat & Eat collection of products make it easy to make delicious, restaurant quality meals in a matter of minutes! 

Using our Heat & Eat pizzas and a handful of other ingredients I can guarantee you a nice dinner or lunch in only five minutes! We’ll be making a caprese salad to go along with the Heat & Eat Pizza of your choice. To be able to start cooking and eating in five minutes I’m going with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette rather than a glaze or reduction.

A Fond Farewell to the City of Bridges | Christies Bakery

A Fond Farewell to the City of Bridges

Well, it happened.

After 5 years of life on the prairies I decided to make the great trek out west. It was a plan years in the making, and despite COVID’s many attempts to stop me, it finally came to fruition. Don’t worry, while my role is changing as I go back to school, I will still be a part of Christies Bakery. After all, it is my family bakery and I don’t think I will ever truly leave it, or should I say it will never leave me.

Now that I’m more or less settled in Vancouver I figured I might as well write my goodbye to the city I called home for the last five years. I’ll try to avoid getting sappy, but I can make no promises. 

My YXE Bucket List | Christies Bakery

My YXE Bucket List

In three days I will be leaving Saskatoon to attend school in Vancouver. In preparation for our departure, my girlfriend and I put together a bucket list of Saskatoon restaurants to go to one last time before journeying out west. Over the past month or so we started crossing places off the list. I thought I’d share some of my personal favourite spots in Saskatoon so you might give them a try. They are listed in no particular order and on my list of faves for personal reasons.

Family and Food | Christies Bakery

Family and Food

Last week my parents were in town. It was the first time I was able to see them in over a year and a half, besides a virtual chat of course. Obviously I love when I get to see my parents because it means that there will be food and drinks aplenty. And yes spending time with them,  catching up, and doing all the things parents and children do. But from day one to the last day of their trip, lunches, dinners, and get togethers were planned. Between the going out and homemade meals, it was abundantly clear how deep the tie between my family and food is.

You may know how linked we are to bread and baking (it has been our business for over 50 years after all), but I thought I’d share more about our family and our connection to food. Please forgive me for getting sentimental!

Here's When You Should Have Heat & Eat Pizza (Hint: It's all the time!) | Christies Bakery

Here's When You Should Have Heat & Eat Pizza (Hint: It's all the time!)

Last week I talked about why you should (read: need) to try our Heat & Eat Pizza. If you need a quick recap: they’re quick, easy and delicious! Our same wood fired, Napoletana style pizza ready in five minutes or less with little to no cleanup. Need I say more? 

Well, if you still need convincing I can say more! You know why, but do you know when you should eat the pizza? Read on and find out!

You Need to Try Our Heat & Eat Pizza | Christies Bakery

You Need to Try Our Heat & Eat Pizza

As you may know, our Heat & Eat Pizzas are the best way to get an authentic, Napoletana style pizza at home. If you didn’t, well now you do! If one sentence wasn’t enough to convince you it’s a good thing I came up with a list to tell you just how great our pizzas are, and why you should not just try one, but incorporate them into your diet! 
Okihtcitawak Patrol Group: Providing an Essential Service | Christies Bakery

Okihtcitawak Patrol Group: Providing an Essential Service

There are countless organizations in Saskatoon providing valuable services to communities in need. The Okihtcitawak Patrol Group is one of those organizations. They are an indigenous led group that provides community support in the Pleasant Hill and Riversdale areas. I spoke with Delano earlier this week and learned more about their efforts and how the last year has gone.

A Plea for Meat from Vegetarians! | Christies Bakery

A Plea for Meat from Vegetarians!

I know plenty of vegetarians. There’s some in my family. I’ve lived with vegetarians. Thankfully none of them have made it abundantly clear that they are such. As a meat eater myself I don’t think I’m making a bold claim by saying it’s easier for me to cook meals for someone on a plant based meal than it would be the other way around. Cooking meat (usually) requires seasoning and making sure it is cooked properly. Hard to do when you haven’t, can’t, or won’t taste what you’re cooking.

So if you’re a plant eater worried about cooking for a carnivore, I have the perfect solution for you. And it’s been verified by vegetarians so you can trust me!