Easter Goodies!

Easter Goodies! - Christies Bakery

Easter is in one week, so time is running out to grab some Easter baking before they disappear! Of course we have the classics, like Columba di Pasqua and Hot Cross Buns, but we have some other goodies you might not have had before. Here’s a run down to help you decide what Easter treats you should get!


Columba di Pasqua

A traditional Italian bread baked in the shape of a dove and served for Easter. In fact, it translates into “Easter dove”, a symbol of peace and love. Similar to Panettone, Columba contains citrus peels and almond paste, and is topped with a similar cocoa and almond glaze. Just like its Christmas counterpart, what makes Columba so unique is that it is a bread, yet has all the features of a cake

Hot Cross Buns

What more needs to be said? Everyone looks forward to grabbing Hot Cross Buns in the spring time!

Raspberry Maryannes

These are our mini-savarin take on a Christies classic. It is a buttery vanilla cake soaked in raspberry sauce and rolled in coconut and then filled with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. 


Like all good brownies, ours are dense and full of chocolate.  The brownie is packed with chocolate chips and dutch-process cocoa and topped with chocolate ganache.  Between all that chocolate is a cream cheese icing to offset all of that chocolate.  The feature cream cheese icing flavour for this month is caramel.

Jam Jams

Sweet raspberry jam sandwiched between two shortbread cookies. Shaped like bunnies, they’re so soft they fall apart if you look at them funny!

Triple Chocolate Cookies

What's better than chocolate? Three times the chocolate! Chocolate chips, cocoa powder and M&Ms are the trio we use in this decadent cookie. We top it with crushed chocolate mini eggs for an Easter themed treat.

Sugar Cookies

Crispy, buttery and yummy egg shaped cookies. $1.00 from every cookie sold is donated to our Sweet Goodness partner of the month, SCAT!

Hand Decorated Cookies

Gorgeous egg shaped cookies we decorate by hand. You might even notice some baby yodas hanging out on the shelves!

Easter Treat Box

Can’t decide what to get? Get them all! Boxes are filled with ten treats from our Easter collection.


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