A Memory From Donna Sewell

A Memory From Donna Sewell - Christies Bakery

Christies Bakery, Mayfair on 33rd St West

The original location since 1932

Oh that bakery!

Bread, buns, rolls, pastries, cakes, doughnuts, pies. Memories from long ago!

Requesting sliced bread was fun to watch. Off the shelf it goes, onto a machine. The sound of the slicing was like magic. Fresh sliced bread and then it was wrapped.

In 1950 there was a reintroduction of slicing and wrapping loaves which were prohibited during World War II as an economic measure. 1954, the baking industry (hours of work) act came into force. 1956, laws were introduced whereby all flour other than wholemeal had to be fortified with minimum amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin B1.

Christie’s Bakery was the place to go and my sister, being two years older than I, was employed there. It was her first job after school and on Saturdays. I was only 15 then but was allowed to help her on Saturdays as it was always very busy.

The aroma was drifting out the door every time someone opened it to go in. Smells of sweet, yeasty goodness made us linger a while to look at all of the choices, especially the doughnuts! We were always blessed with a couple to take home at the end of our day. Folks didn’t lock the doors of their homes back then; children played street hockey and most of our happy childhood memories included Christies Bakery!

My youngest brother, 12 yrs younger than myself, wanted to be a big boy. He was only 6 when he went to get the bread from the bakery. There was a little extra in the bread by the time he got home. It had spilled out but he picked it up, with some leaves as well, and got it all in the bag. He didn’t leave behind even one slice. He was praised with a smile as he proudly handed it all to our mother.

Yes, Christies Bakery made our sweet treats a pleasure and still does.

Happy memories from a senior citizen who loved their childhood in the Mayfair communities of Mayfair School, the Mayfair Sunday School, and above all Christies Bakery.

-Donna Sewell Ferrie


As you know, we're turning 90 this year. As part of our celebration, we're sharing memories of the bakery from family, friends, staff and our wonderful customers. If you have a story you'd like to share, please send us an email at stories@christiesbakery.com - we'd love to hear it! 


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The handwritten letter is so lovely as are the stories within. Thank you for sharing Donna Sewell Ferrie!

Russell Muzzolini

What a fantastic memory!

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