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Make The Ultimate Summer Sandwich With Only 5 Ingredients

Make The Ultimate Summer Sandwich With Only 5 Ingredients - Christies Bakery

Keeping it simple is what Summer should be about!

Have you ever gone on a Summer holiday and planned a little too much? You packed in too many sights to see and too many places to visit and by the end of it you just feel like you were too busy to really enjoy it.

A sandwich can be like that. Sometimes too many ingredients muddle the flavours and drowns out the subtle taste of the bread. That might be ok if you’re using wonderbread, but for us, we want to taste the flavour of the Canadian wheat and centuries-old technique that goes into our bread. And besides, it’s Summer! Do you want to be in the kitchen or do you want to be at the lake with a good book.

Here’s a sandwich made with only 5 ingredients that’ll knock the sandals right off your feet. The foundation is our delicious and hearty multigrain sourdough packed with locally-grown heirloom tomatoes, arugula, good olive oil and a bit of mayo. It’s satisfying and fresh with the juicy sweetness of the tomatoes balanced perfectly with peppery arugula and tangy mayo.

Heirloom tomatoes are such a treat and they are only available for a short time here in Saskatoon so make sure you don’t miss out! You’ll know they’re heirloom tomatoes by their uneven colour and funky shape. Don’t let this put you off, they are INCREDIBLY delicious.


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  1. Drop your sliced sourdough in the toaster on low
  2. Slice your tomato in nice, thick slices about a ¼ inch think
  3. Smear some mayo on both pieces of sourdough
  4. Stack your tomatoes on one piece of the sourdough
  5. Drizzle some good olive oil and sprinkle a bit of flakey or kosher salt on the tomatoes
  6. Pack your arugula on top the tomatoes
  7. Top with the second piece of sourdough, give it all a gentle squish and enjoy!

This sandwich is best enjoyed right away, but the nice thing is you can easily pack all the ingredients in a picnic basket and make them on the fly wherever you’re going to spend some time in the sun! Buon appetito!



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