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Tracey's Tips & Tricks: Scoring

Tracey's Tips & Tricks: Scoring - Christies Bakery

Bread baking is a beautiful art that requires a lot of hard work, training and patience to perfect. We thought it would be fun to have Tracey drop some knowledge about the ins and outs of baking every once in a while! This week she talked about scoring!

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The purpose of scoring is two-fold: Design and form.

As the bread begins to spring in the oven and puts pressure on the skin of the bread, it is looking for a place to escape. It will look for a weak spot on the skin of the dough to push out against.  

When we score bread we create the openings where we want them, which allows the bread to expand where we feel is most aesthetically pleasing and creates the volume we are looking for.

A bread that is not proofed to its maximum potential will need some type of scoring or the bread will balloon out in undesirable areas and not look pleasing.

A baker’s score is like their signature. Each baker has their own style of scoring that is distinctive enough to notice who is baking the bread.

It is a very pleasing and unique feeling when, as a baker, you look at a loaf of bread that you have baked and scored and say: “This bread looks good. I recognize this, it looks like me.”


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