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Pat Homenick's Bakery Story

Pat Homenick's Bakery Story - Christies Bakery

Pat Homenick sent us a little story that we wanted to share with you! If you have a story or memory from the last 90 years you’d like to share please email us at!


My grandparents lived in a house on the 1400 block of Avenue E.  I remember walking with my grandfather down to 33rd Street when I was around 4 years old. We'd always stop at Christies Bakery.  When he passed away, we moved into their house to live with my grandmother. As I got older I was sent down to Christies many many times over the years. I think a loaf of bread cost 19 cents back then. I loved watching the clerk take my loaf of bread, rip off a length of brown paper that was on a big roll and wrap the loaf up and put pieces of brown paper tape through a dispenser with glue and seal the bread in the paper. The aroma in the bakery was always wonderful.

One time when I was sent for bread I picked a hole in the bottom of the paper and managed to pull chunks of warm white bread out of the hole and happily ate bread on the two blocks back home. Of course when I got home I had about half a loaf of hollowed out bread... but no questions were asked and I was given another quarter to go back to the bakery. 

Many years later I moved to the east side of Saskatoon and as life got fuller and busier my stops at Christies became less frequent. When Il Secondo opened on Broadway I would stop there for bread and dine out with family and friends for pizza. I do have some favourites - the seeded paninis and baguettes, the cinnamon rolls, the Prairie Grain loaf and chocolate croissants - so delicious! Of course, I have tried lots of other breads and goodies and they are all so good. I still prefer to drive across town to the original Christies and I have had so many memorable moments over the years doing so.

Congratulations Christies on your 90th Anniversary - wishing you, Tracey, your family and your staff continued success baking for many more years.

Pat Homenick


As you know, we're turning 90 this year. As part of our celebration, we're sharing memories of the bakery from family, friends, staff and our wonderful customers. If you have a story you'd like to share, please send us an email at - we'd love to hear it! 


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