A Letter from David Cross

A Letter from David Cross - Christies Bakery

We received a letter from David Cross, who used to be the principal at Mayfair School. We have always tried to give back to the community, and he reminded us of one of the first ways we did just that! We are proud to continue partnering with local schools and organizations through our Sweet Goodness program.

Thanks for the letter David!


My name is David Cross and I was Principal at Mayfair School in the late '70s. The Mayfair neighborhood was originally the northernmost point in Saskatoon. Many homes had no city water so they came to Mayfair School where there were community water taps as well as community showers in the school basement (that white ceramic is probably still there!). 

At that time the district was still a proud community, but some families needed a little help. Some children arrived at school very early - many had not had breakfast. As we know, hungry children can't learn well. So we established a morning breakfast program for these children who often only wanted a slice of bread or toast. I was so appreciative when Ennio at Christie's Bakery offered to supply all the bread these children needed at no charge! 

A fine Community gesture!


If you have a story or memory from the last 90 years you’d like to share please email us at stories@christiesbakery.com! 


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