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My Family's Secret Fruitcake Recipe

My Family's Secret Fruitcake Recipe - Christies Bakery

For most people, the traditions around the holidays involve having family together for dinners and gatherings. For me and my family, our traditions include working long hours together making special seasonal products for our lovely customers and our own family.

One of those products is our Fruitcake. Legend has it that our fruitcake recipe was used on the CN railways at Christmas time in the early 1900's. This cake has been a part of Christies history for over 55 years and, if my dad’s memory serves him correctly, it has been part of Canadian History for over 100 years! This fruitcake has staying power. My uncle used to keep it from one Christmas to another saying that it was the best after one year in the fridge. I have never tried that myself, but I might have to do a little experiment this year.

The secret Christies Bakery Fruitcake recipe

My Uncle Max gave my dad this Fruitcake recipe and he made it for over 50 years until he retired. Before my dad retired he gave my husband, Trent, the honour of making the Family Fruitcake. In the first year of training Trent watched my dad mix the massive batch of fruitcake—a combination of candied fruit and nuts soaked in rum and brandy—and portion it into our special large steaming pans. Along the way my dad revealed the little details that make this classic cake an exceptional holiday delight. 

Trent Loewen making Christies' Fruitcake

The following year, the roles were reversed. My dad watched as Trent mixed and portioned the Fruitcake, offering the tricks he learned from over 50 years of baking. Of course he gave Trent the approval to continue. Trent is an excellent baker and chef in his own right and he has now found his groove making the Fruitcake, adding his own tricks to the process. 

Trent Loewen making Christies' secret fruitcake recipe

The Fruitcake is absolutely delicious. I am grateful to Trent for making our Fruitcake as it is quite a physical endeavour. He is also very busy with his own business Scratch Provisions, making super tasty savoury pies and soups.

Tracey and Ennio Muzzolini making Christies Bakery'sfruitcake

It’s hard not to get sentimental about the fruitcake process. I used to prepare the fruit maceration and steaming pans for my dad and now I am doing that for my husband. It’s the unique part of our family’s holiday tradition and I am very happy to do it!

Tracey Muzzolini and Trent Loewen making Christies Bakery'sfruitcake





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E &L Thera

absolutely loved the fruitcake secret recipe rendition! This fruitcake is truly the best of the best! Would not be Christmas without it!


A group of our friends had the ultimate pleasure of tasting this fruit cake at the last BIG NIGHT at Christies. It really is a delicious cake. The history and the story of the passing on of this family tradition adds joy to the experience of eating it.


I LOVE your entire website but love the stories about the Muzzolini family the most. Learning about family traditions, family recipes and the history of Christie’s is wonderful. I love it all. My husband Gary and I cannot live without the bread and pastries we get at Christie’s and Il Secondo. We send our wishes for a very happy Christmas to all the Muzzolinis, wherever they may be.

Leslie Muzzolini

Loved the fruitcake episode. Your passion comes through loud and clear, Tracey😍

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