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You Need to Try Our Heat & Eat Pizza

You Need to Try Our Heat & Eat Pizza - Christies Bakery

As you may know, our Heat & Eat Pizzas are the best way to get an authentic, Napoletana style pizza at home. If you didn’t, well now you do! If one sentence wasn’t enough to convince you it’s a good thing I came up with a list to tell you just how great our pizzas are, and why you should not just try one, but incorporate them into your diet! 

Quick & Easy

Life isn’t always easy. It can get pretty hectic just going through a normal day. Throw in some unexpected road bumps and it can be downright scary and stressful. Whether you’re a student, work full time, a parent or all of the above it’s not always easy to fit meals into your schedule. First you have to get groceries, cook, eat and clean up. That’s where our Heat & Eat Pizzas come in. You don’t have to even leave the house, we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep! Warm them up in your oven and in less than five minutes you can have the same quality pizzas from our wood fired oven ready to eat! Clean-up is just as easy. A minimal amount of dishes means minimal post-meal work!

Ready When You Are

Have you ever been in this situation: It’s Friday night and you’re hanging out at home and decide you want pizza for dinner. You give your favourite pizza place a call and they tell you it’s going to be an hour before they can have your pizza ready. That’s not ideal is it? Well if you have some Heat & Eat pizzas in your kitchen (which you should!) you can have pizza ready (almost) instantly! No need to drive out to the store or wait for delivery. I’m no weatherman but I can tell you that this will be necessary when the prairie winter rolls around and we’re going to be trapped at home!

You Know it’s Going to be Good

If you’ve been to our Broadway location, you’ve seen our wood fired oven roaring by the entrance. We use it to make authentic Napoletana style pizza, inspired by our trips to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Every pizza we cook is tossed, topped and cooked by hand, just like they do in Italy. With our Heat & Eat Pizzas, we’re able to bring that same quality to your home! We’ve done all the hard work, all you need to do is heat… and eat the pizza!

Simple, Never Boring

We take pride in using simple ingredients to make extraordinary bread and pastries, and our pizzas are no different. Our dough consists of 00 flour, water, salt and yeast. Our tomato sauce is even simpler: tomatoes and salt. The beauty and flavour comes from the skill and preparation used to make the pizzas. One bite and I think you’ll taste exactly what I mean!

I could go on and on about pizza, but that might bore you and I’m starting to get hungry. So I’m going to pop a pizza in the oven and get to eating! Have you tried our Heat & Eat Pizza? What did you think? Let us know! Better yet, tag us in a picture with you and your pizza!

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Do you deliver to California?😂

Linda Charlton

Reheat one of these pizzas in the toaster oven, serve with salad and you have a great hot day meal.

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