Baking Through A Pandemic

Baking Through A Pandemic | Christies Bakery

One of our lovely staff members, Zarish, asked me to participate in a short film for a class project. We talked through some of the history of my family and the bakery, as well as what this last year (and a bit) has been like for us at the bakery. I hope you give it a watch. Zarish did a wonderful job!



Caroline Robertson

Absolutely LOVED the video and learning about the history of your bakery! Well done Zarish! Thank you Tracey for sharing your family business story and challenges through this pandemic. I hope that I get a chance someday to visit your bakery in Canada or that you open a store in NorCal! Blessing to you, Gabe and the rest of the Christies Bakery xoxoxox


Such a great story! You all take such care with everything you make. Please franchise to your brother in NorCal!


I loved watching this. Tracey you are such a strong and authentic woman! We get your bread almost every week and I am so glad you keep baking through this pandemic :) the video is really well done too!


Adapt, persevere, overcome. Not only have you mastered the ingredients for your delicious breads and products, but also the ingredients needed to grow your amazing business into the success it is today.


Strength and dedication :)

Alecia Blazei

As a small business owner myself I can totally relate to the struggles you are facing. What is so great to see is how positive you are about the future and how well you have adapted. This past year has been a lesson in perseverance for us all. I have faith that you will succeed and even thrive in the coming months. I am inspired by you Tracey!


What a great video! I love the strength your family gives to and gets from Christies. We’ve heard so much about the work and ingenuity you’ve all put in to making your business succeed during Covid, you are a leader indeed. Needless to say, we cannot wait to visit and eat all the food (so much food! Video very eye opening with the cool behind the scenes, I had no idea!) Lots of love from Redwood City, California <3


Tracey, that was a very heart-warming interview. Yes, Hope is what keeps us all going day after day. With you shining that Hope beacon in the community will shine far and wide especially in this pandemic. You have a new fan here from the Bay Area. I can see the Muzzolini energy flowing. As the saying goes – Add oil! Keep up the good work. Look forward to give my patronage when I go up north.


You are an amazing leader, Tracey! What a difficult 12 months it has been for everyone especially small business owners.

It is about time that we make it to Saskatoon and enjoy the food when Christie’s is packed. Hang in there, the pandemic is coming to an end. And as you say, I am sure you will come out stronger. Love from California.


Tracey, this is such a heartfelt interview. Thank you, and your team, for pushing through the challenges. I love your bread!

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