Menu - Il Secondo


Yogurt & Granola $6.5
mixed berries, greek yogurt, Christies house made granola with spelt flakes, dried fruit, candied ginger & maple syrup
Sweet Toast $6.5
toasted slices of prairiegrain and sourdough with choice of two sides
choose: jam, peanut butter, almond butter, honey, or butter
Savory Toast $6.5
great for an afternoon snack…toasted slices of prairiegrain & sourdough with choice of two savory sides
choose: sundried tomato tapenade, artichoke asiago dip, or butter with alderwood smoked salt
Breakfast Croissant $9
sous vide egg, arugula, tomato, chili lemon aioli, alderwood smoked salt, mozzarella, on fresh croissant add pancetta +$1




“napoletana style” - 10” wood fired thin crust baked for 90 seconds @ 900
(V) Vegetarian, (M) Contains Meat
* Can be made “bianca Style” (olive oil & garlic base) or “rosso” (with san marzano tomato sauce)
Marinara (V) $14
san marzano tomato sauce, fresh sliced garlic, olive oil (VEGAN) add roasted veg +$2
Margherita (V) $16
fior di latte (fresh mozzarella), pecorino romano (hard cheese), tomato sauce, fresh basil, olive oil (VEGETARIAN)
Calabrese (M) $17
calabrese salami, fior di latte, pecorino romano, tomato sauce, olive oil
Prosciutto & Fungi (M) * $17
prosciutto, fire roasted mushrooms, arugula, fior di latte, pecorino romano, tomato sauce, olive oil
Juliana 2.0 (M) * $17
“Bianca style” - olive oil & garlic base (no tomato sauce), pancetta, kalamata olives, house marinated artichokes, arugula, fior di latte, pecorino romano
Ortolana (M) * $17
fire roasted zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, fior di latte, pecorino romano, tomato sauce, oregano, olive oil
Feature Pizza -
rotating special based on ingredient availability and the whims of our pizzaiolos



(V) Vegetarian, (M) Contains Meat
Don Vito (M) $11.5
garlic chicken, crispy pancetta, spinach, tomato, pesto mayonnaise, mozzarella, grilled on sourdough
Uncle Paulie (V) $11.5
roasted zucchini, onions and bell peppers, house marinated artichokes, spinach, basil tomato jam, artichoke asiago spread, mozzarella, grilled on sourdough
Mona Lisa (V) $7.5
tomato, banana peppers, mozzarella, cheddar, garlic mayonnaise, grilled on sourdough add smoked ham, +$4
Fat Tony (M) $11.5
mortadella, cappicollo, salami, lettuce, tomato, pepperoncini, mozzarella, balsamic reduction, chili lemon aioli, on fresh sourdough
My Cousin Vinny (M) $11
prosciutto, pecorino romano, arugula, new zealand butter, scallion oil, on fresh baguette
Banh Mi (M) $11
soy glazed house roasted pork, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, mayonnaise, scallion oil, peanut sauce, on fresh baguette
Feature Sandwich -
rotating special based on ingredient availability and the whims of our kitchen staff



(V) Vegetarian, (M) Contains Meat
House Salad $5
mixed greens, arugula, tomato, toasted almonds, pecorino romano, balsamic vinaigrette
Kale Caesar Slaw $5
kale, cabbage, carrots, capers, toasted sunflower & hemp seeds, creamy lemon caesar dressing
Scratch Provisions Soup $6
a rotating daily offering from Trent at Scratch Provisions



Macchiato $3
Cappucino $4
LATTE $4.5
iced $4.5
vanilla $5
mocha $5
iced $3
misto $4
TEA $3
london fog $4.5
chai latte $4.5
Choose Almond, Soy, or Oat milk add +$0.75
rotating selections, ask for availability