Moda Market is now part of Christies Bakery!

Moda Market is now part of Christies Bakery

Over the past year, we’ve operated Moda Market to make online ordering and local food delivery easier for people in Saskatoon. Last year gave us space to ask ourselves what we wanted to do with what we are building online. Ultimately it makes the most sense for us to make Moda Market a part of Christies Bakery. As one entity we believe we can provide the best experience for our customers between our online market and our two retail locations.

Please read on to learn more about the details.

The details

Over the past year, we've been operating Moda Market with the goal of making online ordering and delivery of local food easier for people in Saskatoon. As a customer of our market, we hope you've appreciated the service and our focus on making local products easy to order online and get delivered to your home each week.

Moda Market was born out of a desire to build an online service that connects people to their favourite and unique local food Producers wherever they live - be it Saskatoon, Vancouver or even San Francisco. We want to create new opportunities for small businesses and their potential customers to easily discover the wonderful products that are available right in their “backyard”.

Along this journey we realized something: People have many great places to buy local food, and offering convenience at a fair price is important. However, when we looked back at our 60+ years of operating in the food business it is the passion for great food that has been the constant connection between us and our customers. We are passionate about the food we make, the traditions and skills we pass down amongst family and friends, and the joy we get from providing great food. Likewise, we have awesome customers who love what we make and come back to us year-in and year-out for what we do. Lastly we are passionate about using food to make an impact in our community - whether it’s expanding the mindset of our customers with new food or helping out those who are hungry.

The “core engine” powering our passion and great food has always been the bakery. We feel we’ve made it one of our best kept secrets. Anyone who has been inside the bakery experiences the smells, tastes and history. Why not celebrate this and share the experience with everyone we can?! Moda Market is a place where we started to share our passion with others and engage with customers on a new level. We believe it is the right step to add that energy into what we do as a bakery.

Offering great food from Producers we love both online and in our shops.

One of the happy things to come from the pandemic (amidst the hard things) was that we chose early on to add food from other local food producers to our market. While we are personally passionate about bread and baked goods, we LOVE good food in general. We also wanted to take our learnings as a small business over many years and help other small businesses who make great products. We’re still committed to helping create that space in Saskatoon for Producers to sell their goods. Further, we will extend the experience from online into the in-person experience at our stores in Mayfair and on Broadway.

Our goal is to work towards a seamless sales experience for you - whether you come into our shops, or order online for delivery or pickup, we want you to enjoy our wonderful food!

Continually making improvements

We’re very excited to start implementing the ideas and plans we’ve been working on. Over the next few months you’ll notice things changing. As a business we’ve learned to respect where we come from but also realize the importance of continually moving ahead.

We always appreciate feedback from you, our customers. Please email us or stop by our store and let us know how we’re doing. It’s meaningful to hear what you like about what we’re doing, and it’s helpful to hear how we can improve.

Thanks for your support over this last year, and we look forward to making you more great food in the coming weeks and months.

Tracey, Blair, and the Christies Bakery Team