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The Spookiest Halloween Movies

The Spookiest Halloween Movies - Christies Bakery

Halloween is in one week, which means there is still time to decorate your house with cobwebs, tombstones and skeletons. Much like Christmas, Halloween season brings a selection of movies that don’t have quite the same impact if they’re viewed at a different time of the year.

Last week I shared a list of spooky treats to make in honour of the scariest season of the year. This week I’m giving you a list of Halloween movies to watch while you’re enjoying those treats, or to flip on in the background while you’re doing some baking! Side note: I will be refraining from horror movies as much as possible because these should be shows the whole family can watch. That, and the fact that I am scared by the smallest of jump scares.

EVERY SINGLE 80’s horror movie

Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th. The list goes on. All the classic franchises have countless entries that vary from scary to silly, so picking one comes down to if you’re wanting to laugh or hide your eyes.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Like Die Hard, the exact genre of this Tim Burton classic is up for debate. Is it a holiday flick or a Halloween movie? I’m of the train of thought that there’s no need to pick just one category so you can watch it twice a year!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and the gang are back in the third Peanuts special. This should be required viewing for everyone at least once in their life, and at just under 30 minutes it’s a quick watch for the whole family. If it gets you inspired to do something with your pumpkins, we have a list of ways to get the most out of the orange fruit!

The Addams Family

I’m more of a fan of the sequel, The Addams Family Values, but you can’t really go wrong with either film. Better yet, why not just watch both! Gomez, Wednesday, and Mortricia are the quintessential Halloween family and have provided gothic entertainment since the 40’s, but the 1990’s films are what I think of when I think of the Addams Family.


Tim Burton makes another appearance. One of Michael Keaton’s most iconic roles won an academy award and provided plenty of laughs. But it scared me so much as a kid that I haven’t watched it since I was little. I told you I can’t handle scary movies.


Who you gonna call? This is another movie that made me cry more than laugh, but thankfully I was able to get over that fear and enjoy this classic. Something about giant marshmallow men makes the supernatural less scary…

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I saved the best for last. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Well not really, but this is not just a great Halloween movie, it’s one of the best musicals ever. There’s a reason it’s still shown in theatres all the time!

So that's my list of spooky movies to watch for Halloween. What's your go to fright night flick? Let us know!

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