How to Beat the Heat!

How to Beat the Heat! - Christies Bakery

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been pretty darn hot this week! The entire continent has been hit with a massive heat wave, and it’s been nearly impossible to stay cool. I’ve worked up a sweat just typing these couple sentences! Obviously the best way to avoid the heat is to stay inside and crank up the AC or take a dip in the pool, but those aren’t luxuries we all have; just the other day at our Broadway location the air conditioning unit broke down!

So instead, here are some things you can make in the kitchen (without turning on the dreaded oven) that will keep you cool in the summer! Try them out and let us know what you think!


Yes, it’s probably easier (and faster) to take a drive to the store to grab a box of popsicles, but that defeats the whole purpose of staying inside to avoid the sun. Plus, a lot of the popsicles you’d be buying are going to be full of sugar and artificial flavouring. This way, we get to be in control of the ingredients. In the simplest terms, all we have to do is blend up a smoothie and freeze it into popsicles. Simple, quick and healthy cold treats just like that (kinda)! 

Take a look at these recipes to see how it’s really done:


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day? I know I’ve tried setting up a lemonade stand when I was a young lad. Was I sad that only my parents bought a cup? Maybe, but it did mean there was more lemonade for me to drink!

Making it at home means we get to pick the sweetener, and not just rely on a whole lot of sugar. I like tart lemonade personally, but the sweetness of the drink is all up to you!

Here's a few different recipes to get you started:

Iced Tea

Is it cheating to not include lemonade and iced tea in the same bullet point? Well I’m in charge of this list so I say no! They are two different drinks anyway so it makes sense.

The same rule for the popsicles and lemonade applies here: we make the drink so we choose what goes in it. Toning down or getting rid of the sugar doesn’t mean the iced tea loses all it’s flavour, it means there’s plenty of variations and different things to try! In fact, my personal favourite is the Arnold Palmer, a delicious mix of iced tea and lemonade! Hmm, maybe I should’ve included the two together…

Check out these recipes:


While a salad might not cool you off as much as a popsicle or iced cold drink might, if you’re looking for something to eat that won’t be too much work to make (or eat), salad is the way to go. One of my favourites to make, largely due to its simplicity, is a caprese salad. It’s a refreshing salad that takes no more than six or seven ingredients, depending on how you count salt and pepper! 

Try out this recipe:


I’ve previously talked about my love of smoothies, so it was obvious to double dip and include them on this list. A cold and substantial drink on a summer’s day? Yes please!

You’re bound to find one recipe you’ll like:

These are only a handful of things to try out in the kitchen for you to keep cool in the hot prairie summers. What do you like to do to stay cool? What’s your go-to snack on a hot summer’s day? Let us know!


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