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Hot Cocoa Recipes - Christies Bakery

Snow has returned to Saskatoon and covered the streets in fluffy white powder. Now that I’m in Vancouver, I can’t say I’m going to miss spending five minutes bundling up to go outside. I don’t mean to brag, the constant rain isn’t the cheeriest of weather conditions either. In conjunction with the weather change, I thought I’d share a few different ways to make a cup of hot cocoa to keep warm in the snow.

Powder and Milk

This is the easiest way to make hot cocoa and honestly, the way I do it 90% of the time. Pop a cup of water or milk in the microwave and add a scoop or two of hot chocolate mix. Easy peasy!

Pan it Up

The next step up requires just a little bit of hands on attention. You’re using a pan to heat up your milk and mix in your cocoa powder. 

Check out this recipe to see how it’s done:

Amp Up the Chocolate

If you really want a chocolatey hot chocolate, that means adding some extra chocolate in it. It’s more or less the same recipe as before, but we’re adding an extra step of mixing in some chocolate beyond the cocoa powder.

Bon Appetit has a easy way to do it:

Those are just a handful of ways to make a hot cocoa, of course there are plenty more ways! What’s your go-to recipe? Or is there a different hot beverage you opt for when the snow begins to fall? Let us know!


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