Here's When You Should Have Heat & Eat Pizza (Hint: It's all the time!)

Here's When You Should Have Heat & Eat Pizza (Hint: It's all the time!) - Christies Bakery

Last week I talked about why you should (read: need) to try our Heat & Eat Pizza. If you need a quick recap: they’re quick, easy and delicious! Our same wood fired, Napoletana style pizza ready in five minutes or less with little to no cleanup. Need I say more? 

Well, if you still need convincing I can say more! You know why, but do you know when you should eat the pizza? Read on and find out!

A Quick Snack 

This comes down to the cook time (less than five minutes). If you have a toaster oven, it’ll be even quicker! Let’s come up with a couple scenarios: 

  • You just got home from work and have a late meeting in a half hour. 
  • Class just ended and you have a bit of time before your next lecture.
  • You picked up the kids from school and they need a bite to eat before practice.

The solution to all three scenarios is the same: preheat the oven when you get home and do what you need to do while it warms up. Pop the pizza in the oven and in a few minutes you’ll have a fresh pizza for you or the kids! 

Forgot About Dinner

Now this happens to me quite often. Dinner time comes around and I’m starving. Only problem is that I never planned dinner so I’m faced with an empty fridge and cupboard. Yes, I could make a trip to the store and get groceries, but I’m feeling extra lazy. So rather than order delivery let’s opt for a meal with some Heat & Eat Pizza! While the oven warms up and the pizza gets cooking we can throw a quick salad together and BAM! Dinner is solved and no one’s the wiser that we totally forgot about planning the meal!

A Late Night Bite

Not everyone will be able to relate to this, but I’m guessing a handful of us have been in this situation. You went to a party or the bar and had one or two (or more) drinks and you’ve safely gotten home. I think we all know what happens next: those late night cravings come in. Time to order delivery, but oh no! It’s too late and everything is closed. You go to grab some cereal, that’ll be quick, but there’s no milk in the fridge! You try to make some toast, but there’s no bread! Rather than risk causing a mess and making something in your current state let’s opt for a safer and easier option. You guessed it, get the oven going and warm up your Heat & Eat Pizza (just don’t forget about it)!

You’re Craving Some Napoletana Style Pizza

I have no problem saying that no one in Saskatoon does Napoletana style pizza better than us. Am I biased? Sure, but my point still stands. Our Broadway location slings pizza out of the wood fired oven Tuesday to Saturday until 5:00. If you get a hankering when we’re closed that doesn’t mean you’re stuck without some of our tasty pizza. As long as you have our Heat & Eat Pizzas in your home, you have instant access to the best pizza in Saskatoon!

So now you know why you should have our Heat & Eat Pizza and you know when you should have it. I think it’s time to grab some pizzas and give 'em a go! You can get your order started here or come see us in person! 

When and where have you had a Heat & Eat Pizza? At home? Out on the porch? At the lake? Let us know! Better yet, tag us in a picture so we can see!

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