A Plea for Meat from Vegetarians!

A Plea for Meat from Vegetarians! - Christies Bakery

I know plenty of vegetarians. There’s some in my family. I’ve lived with vegetarians. Thankfully none of them have made it abundantly clear that they are such. As a meat eater myself I don’t think I’m making a bold claim by saying it’s easier for me to cook meals for someone on a plant based meal than it would be the other way around. Cooking meat (usually) requires seasoning and making sure it is cooked properly. Hard to do when you haven’t, can’t, or won’t taste what you’re cooking. 

So if you’re a plant eater worried about cooking for a carnivore, I have the perfect solution for you. And it’s been verified by vegetarians so you can trust me!

My Aunt Tracey, who you might know as the badass baking co-owner of Christies Bakery, has been a vegetarian for as long as I’ve been alive (and probably longer). My cousin Juliana also says no to meat. They both have partners who happen to enjoy eating a strip of bacon or juicy rib. I’ve never been in this situation, but I’m guessing there’s only a couple options when it comes to making dinner: Cook two meals (one with and one without meat) or cook a vegetarian meal. Doesn’t seem ideal does it?

Luckily we’ve come up with another option! 

The honey lime chicken legs from Scratch Provisions are going to be a life (meal?) saver. They are fully cooked with a sous vide and ready to Heat & Eat. That means all you need to do is heat them up and they are ready to go! It’s a process that only takes time, so you can cook the rest of the meal! With a minimal amount of dishes you can cook a delicious meal for a meat eater and create the veggie dish of your dreams! It’s a win-win!

Check out how Trent heats up the wings:

Along with the delicious chicken legs, make sure to try some of the pies from Scratch Provisions as well as our own Heat & Eat Pizza!

If you’ve had the honey chicken legs what did you eat them with? Let us know!


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