3 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Smoothies If You Aren't Already

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Smoothies If You Aren't Already - Christies Bakery

I love smoothies. It’s my go-to meal throughout the week. If I’m not having one on a daily basis, it’s only because I’ve run out of ingredients to make one with! Life is busy, and we don’t always have the time we’d like to make meals with a balance of the nutrients we need. As a student I find smoothies particularly helpful when I’m balancing my health, time, and budget. If you needed some convincing as to why you should integrate smoothies into your diet, here are three reasons why I think everyone should hop on the smoothie train.


Smoothies can be suuuper simple. A “protein shake” can be as easy as water and protein powder. It’s what many gym rats chug after a workout. But even more than that, it takes less than 5 minutes to blend up the smoothie, clean up your mess and have a meal ready to go. In the same way, if you’re on the go, it's just as quick and easy to drink it up. 


While meal prep with fresh ingredients is the best way to conveniently eat a balanced diet, a common issue that people run into is how repetitive it can start to feel. It can take a lot of energy and time to introduce new ideas to the meal plan. That’s not the case with smoothies.

If you felt so inclined, you could easily have three different smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.If you need a quick dessert, there’s recipes for that too! Not to mention smoothies are a great way to use up ingredients in your fridge or freezer - a favourite for me is using frozen bananas. I find myself going with the flow and throwing in over 10 ingredients together and blending it all up. No two smoothies have to be the same, and the options are endless!

Eat Healthier

Life can get crazy, and sometimes it can be easy to forget to get your daily nutritional requirements in. At the end of the day when I’m tired, it’s too easy to just reach for a bag of chips. You’ve got that bag of carrots in the fridge, but somehow it doesn’t entice me the same way. Even though fruit smoothies are a common go-to, consider adding more veggies in there. You’ll be surprised at how you can ‘hide’ spinach, carrots, flax, or other health power foods in your typical smoothie to give it a green and healthy edge. My two favourite ingredients to help blend in those healthy ingredients is lemon juice/zest and peanut butter (not too much!). These healthy smoothies taste great, AND they’ll keep you going throughout a busy day. 

If you need some inspiration, here’s some yummy smoothie recipes to check out:


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