Tune in to the new show the Baker Sisters on the Food Network on Friday, November 17th at 9pm to see Christies Mayfair Bakery featured.

The Baker Sisters is a new series on the Food Network featuring two sisters travelling across North America seeking out delectable treats at the best local bakeries in the area.  The girls and crew came to visit us at our Mayfair location back in May.  We showed them the secrets behind our Saskatoon berry tart and our Italian cream horns, called cannoncini.  The process of filming a professional segment for the Food Network was a wonderful experience.  The hours of work and details that go into filming just a 7 minute feature is truly astounding.  The girls and crew were amazing and are now part of the Christies family.  The crew, family, friends and patrons celebrated a successful shoot with a wrap party on the street in Mayfair with some pizza from our mobile wood-fired pizza oven on a beautiful spring day.

Tune in live or set your PVR.  Friday, November 17th @ 9pm on the Food Network.